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Business Litigation

At Polachek & Polachek, we have the skills and experience to handle any complex legal situation that your business will go through. Whether it’s a small or large business, the exceptional service and expertise of our attorneys will guide you through the legal process in a timely and cost efficient manner.   

Business disputes are at times unavoidable.  At Polachek & Polachek, our attorneys are experienced litigators and we will take the necessary steps to protect your business and represent you and your business during any court process.  Our attorneys understand that under certain circumstances, even in litigation, effective negotiation can lead to a favorable solution.  Polachek & Polachek will litigate issues which may arise from various disputes including:

  • Business Disputes

  • Shareholder Freeze-Out and Squeeze-Out Litigation

  • Business Fraud

  • Business Disputes in Divorce

  • Franchise Litigation

  • Termination of Franchisees

  • Litigation: Non-Compete Agreements

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