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Estate Planning

Northern Illinois Estate Planning Attorneys

At Polachek & Polachek, we understand that our clients are concerned with planning for the future and making provisions for those closest to them in the event of death or an incapacitating condition.  An estate plan that is well thought out and carefully drafted will minimize the risk of unnecessary taxation and ensure that our client’s objectives are met.  The experienced estate planning attorneys in our office work with our clients to design a plan to fit each client’s specific situation, including addressing issues of inheritance and property distribution.  Please contact Polachek & Polachek for a free initial consultation to help you achieve your objectives in planning for the future and preserving your assets for your loved ones.

We provide comprehensive Estate Planning and Administration Services including simple and complex wills, revocable living trusts, irrevocable trusts, living wills, charitable trusts, insurance trusts, private foundations, property powers of attorney, health care powers of attorney, guardianships, succession planning, business entity planning, asset protection and tax issues, will and trust administration.

To find out more information regarding an estate plan, contact Polachek & Polachek to schedule a free initial consultation.  Call 847-381-2242 to learn more about your options.