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Divorce and Family Law

Traditional Divorce: 

Our attorneys at Polachek & Polachek will serve clients in a professional manner to resolve any need in family law. We have the expertise in many areas of traditional divorce such as issues regarding child support and support modifications, custody and visitation. Our attorneys understand that divorce can be extremely stressful and we take care to work closely with our clients throughout the process.  A traditional divorce is obtained using the litigation process and the court system. At Polachek & Polachek, we provide clients with personal attention and litigation expertise to address complex issues in family law disputes.

Child Support:

At Polachek & Polachek, we advise our clients as to the statutory guideline recommendations in setting child support amounts and duration. Whether you are the residential or non-residential parent, our attorneys will assist you in making sure the financial interest of you and your children are protected throughout the process of determining child support payments.

Child Custody:

Child custody decisions are among the most delicate of all legal issues and present the most significant emotional challenges in many divorce proceedings.  Our family law and child custody attorneys will assist and advise our clients regarding their parental rights and vigorously represent our clients in custody disputes. With the expertise of Polachek & Polachek, we deliver results and handle all issues involving the child custody.

Child Support Modifications:

In some instances child support can undergo change that can result in modification. Our attorneys will advise and represent our clients should a change in child support be warranted.  We will present your circumstances to the court promptly and effectively, securing the modifications your situation demands.


At Polachek & Polachek, we understand that issues and concerns over the best interests of the children are of utmost concern to our clients. Whether our clients seek visitation rights, shared or sole custody, our attorneys are committed in resolving any dispute.

Legal Separation:

Polachek & Polachek assists couples who want to file for a legal separation. This process allows couples time apart from each other before possible marriage dissolution.

Premarital Agreements:

The attorneys at Polachek & Polachek draft and review  prenuptial agreements.  Prior to marriage, we advise our clients as to their rights as a spouse without a premarital agreement and then how the terms of the proposed premarital agreement will affect those rights. We address issues such as finances, property, and support and how those issues will be impacted upon the termination of the marriage either through the death of a party or divorce.

Post-Marital Agreements:

Similar to premarital agreements, our attorneys at Polachek & Polachek will advise our married clients as to their statutory rights as a spouse and how the post-marital agreement will affect those rights.

Spousal Support:

Our attorneys work with our clients and advise them regarding their rights to or responsibility for spousal support.  At Polachek & Polachek, our attorneys have the legal experience in the area of spousal support and will advocate on behalf of our clients to obtain and equitable result.

Business Valuation:

The attorneys at Polachek & Polachek work with business owners who are going through a divorce and dividing marital property. Whether the business is marital or non-marital, the attorneys at Polachek & Polachek have the expertise to protect our clients’ business interests and work to ensure that their businesses remain ongoing concerns.

Property Division:

Our attorneys understand that the division of property in divorce is a sensitive issue for many clients.  At Polachek & Polachek, we conduct the appropriate discovery and work to identify each asset which is part of the marital estate.  We utilize our skills and legal expertise to ensure that our clients receive their equitable share of the marital property.


Whether you are seeking to determine parentage, establish parent/child relationship, or seeking child support, the attorneys at Polachek & Polachek have the legal expertise to assist you.  We advise our clients of their parental rights and also as to what Illinois law provides that a custodial parent should receive as child support.

Domestic Violence and Orders of Protection:

At Polachek & Polachek, we care about your safety. We have extensive experience in representing individuals who have been victims of domestic violence and assist our clients in obtaining orders of protection. Our attorneys also represent individuals who have been accused of committing domestic violence against another and will aggressively defend our clients.


At times it becomes necessary to enforce the terms of a Court Order or Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage.  The attorneys at Polachek & Polachek have extensive experience representing clients in post-decree matters and will bring the appropriate motions in order to seek compliance of any existing court order.

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Collaborative Divorce: 

Collaborative law is a relatively new approach to divorce proceedings in Illinois.  As opposed to traditional, adversarial divorce litigations, the collaborative approach emphasizes civility, privacy, and long-term cooperation.  Many couples make the painful decision to end their marriages, yet understand that both parties share important interests.  Parties realize the value of transitioning to separate lives and households as amicably as possible.  This is especially true when there are children involved and parties want to protect their children from the stresses of a contentious divorce.

In the collaborative process, both spouses retain specially trained Illinois collaborative law attorneys to guide them through the process and help them identify their goals and concerns.  Typically, over the course of several meetings, the spouses and their respective collaboratively trained attorneys negotiate a comprehensive agreement.  The collaborative process allows for consultation with other experts, such as child specialists, financial professionals, divorce coaches or others. 

Our collaboratively trained attorneys at Polachek & Polachek will work with you and empower you to take an active role in making crucial decisions for you and for your family, while protecting your rights and interests.

If you are interested in a civil, private, and less adversarial divorce, contact Polachek & Polachek at 847-381-2242 to schedule a free initial consultation and discuss the